Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Dual Citizenship (Overseas citizen of India, OCI) launched by Indian Governments.

The Indian government launched a program called "Overseas Citizens of India" or "OCI". This program often has been mischaracterized as "dual nationality" or "dual citizenship."

1. First of all, US citizens (NRI) would not get Indian citizenship or Indian Passport. Remains only citizen
of USA.

2. OCI is granted life time visitor visa for India. So he does not need to apply for visitor visa any more.

3. OCI is a special visa which grants the holder the right to indefinitely visits, stay or work in India and
also the right to own most types of Properties in India, excluding agriculture and plantation properties.

4. OCI card holder does not need to register with local DSP (Police or Immigration dept.) for the resident
permit for staying more than 6 months.

5. While non OCI has to get resident permit in India for staying more than 6 Months. If his visitor visa has
been expired, he has to apply for visitor visa at DSP office.

6. OCI is not getting political rights in India including the right to vote or eligibility for government

7. The OCI card is not similar to a Person of Indian Origin (PIO) Card. PIO cards are not granted for life time visitor visa, and PIO Card holders may be required to register with police/immigration authorities under certain circumstances.

8. An American citizen who wishes to obtain a PIO or OCI Card, may apply outside of India at the Indian
Embassy in Washington, DC, or at an Indian consulate in New York, Chicago, San Francisco or

9. An American citizen who resides in India can apply at the Foreigner’s Regional Registration Office
(FRRO) in New Delhi (tel. 2671-1348).

10. The FRRO also maintains offices in Mumbai, Chennai (known as the Chennai Immigration Office),
Calcutta and Amritsar.

11. In Delhi, applications also may be made at the Foreigner's Division of the Ministry of Home Affairs,
located at Jaisalmer House, 26 Man Singh Road, New Delhi (tel. 2338-7436).

12. For more information on the OCI program, please see

13. In short OCI card is granting life time visitor visa to stay in India and not required to do any kind of
governmental formalities while staying or leaving India.

CAUTION: Having OCI card and then US passport has been renewed :

when you visit India carry old US pass port to show the life time visitor visa. Because a new US pass port does not have sticker of life time visitor visa.