Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Help Center for NRGs affected in Angola

Those NRGs who are affected in Angola and need any kind of assistance may contact the following:-

Shri Bharat Lal
Resident Commissioner,New Delhi.
Government of Gujarat.
Email :,

Shri Sanjay Patani, G.A.S.Director,
Gujarat State Non-Resident Gujaratis’ Foundation
Email :
Phone : 079-23238278

Shri N. P. Lavingiya
Joint Secretary (NRI),
NRI Division,
General Administration Department,
Block No:-7/1,
Sachivalaya, Gandhinagar
Phone :079-23250474

Shri K. H. Patel
Hon Chairman, NRG Centre Ahmedabad
Gujarat Chamber of Commerce and Industry(GCCI)
Ashram Road, Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
Phone : 079-40069603

Shri Nilesh Shukla
Hon.Chairman, NRG Center Vadodara
Vadodara Chamber of Commerce and Industry(VCCI)
Vadodara, Gujarat.
Phone : 0265-2642291